How to verify your Discord account

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    In order to gain full access to the perks of our Discord server, you must first verify the Discord account is yours, by linking it to your forum account. This tutorial will run through how to go about verifying a Discord account.​

    Step one - Grab your Profile Link

    In order for our system to verify that you have a forum account is to get linked your forum profile. In order to find your profile link, click your username at the top of the forum. On the drop down list that appears, click 'Your Profile Page'.
    Once you click this link, it will take you to your profile page.
    The whole of the profile URL is significant, so make sure to copy the whole thing.

    Step two - Message AusG Bot
    AusG Bot is our Discord Bot, as signified by the 'BOT' tag next to it's name. In order to verify your account, you must message the word '!verify (profile link)' to it. You can either do this by clicking on its name in this tree and typing the word '!verify (profile link)' in the short message box in the popup, or by right clicking his name and pressing 'Message'.
    like so:

    Step three - Paste the verification code into your profile.
    If done correctly, AusG Bot will then provide you with a verification code. It is important that you paste this code into the correct place, otherwise your account will fail to verify correctly.
    As you can see from the above screenshot, my verification code is cfee60751d8f82141cebafb3132af74f. So in order to verify my account, I go back to the drop down at the top of the page, but this time I click 'Personal Details' rather than 'Your Profile Page'.
    Then on the Personal Details page, paste your Discord Tag and Discord Verification code in the boxes and click 'Save'.

    All done!
    Once you have completed the above process, you will receive a message from AusG Bot, stating that your Discord account has been verified successfully.